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This is my . I live in the USA in middle . I am a geek and I work in software sales for a big data company.

Decided to get back into blogging. I have a number of topics I want to cover. It is mainly an outlet for me.

@LambLeeg would you consider sharing this post? I am trying to start up blogging again and need to get this out. I have more content coming.

I just posted a new blog piece on Mastodon. I would appreciate some love and sharing. I really want to help grow this experience.

I'm in a hotel and the television has something called "cable" TV where shows you aren't interested in just play at random and they keep getting interrupted by ads for irrelevant products which aren't aware of your preferences.

I found Ghost CMS a year ago after having been a long time Wordpress user. I love Ghost. It is running my site.

This is my . I live in the USA in middle . I am a geek and I work in software sales for a big data company.

@Gargron I have seen some comments, I think attributed to you, that suggest the federated timeline is not the best way to find new content. I am wondering what you would suggest as the best way. Finding the most relevant instance would be a good start, I guess, but many communites are small and many larger communities will not accept new registrations.

@bjc Mastodon does not phone home. Yes, I have a crawler. Yes, I filter by only stuff that runs Mastodon.

It seems to me that governments and gov officials are in the perfect position to start disseminating updates via services like Mastodon instead of Twitter. Set up a state or fed gov instance for all the officials. All reporters would be forced to start watching these servers for updates. It also seems more ethical to use a gov-run service rather than a privately owned communication network. It could also offer better resiliency.

We have now collectively gained 112,413 monthly active users in the last few days, and 149,720 compared to the end of March. That's a 62% increase. Total now at 384K MAU across Mastodon.


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