Decided to get back into blogging. I have a number of topics I want to cover. It is mainly an outlet for me.

@LambLeeg weird. You were not able to see the link in my message, or you were not able to follow it?

@LambLeeg would you consider sharing this post? I am trying to start up blogging again and need to get this out. I have more content coming.

I just posted a new blog piece on Mastodon. I would appreciate some love and sharing. I really want to help grow this experience.

I'm in a hotel and the television has something called "cable" TV where shows you aren't interested in just play at random and they keep getting interrupted by ads for irrelevant products which aren't aware of your preferences.

I found Ghost CMS a year ago after having been a long time Wordpress user. I love Ghost. It is running my site.

@brianna @LambLeeg Same here. I add interesting folks to grow the federation of my instance.

@Anarkat when I saw this post, there was a reply from @gorgon where he sent a waving emoji. I was just saying that it was cool you got a response from someone who integral to Mastodon. You wouldn’t expect to say “I want to speak to Elon” and see him respond to you, usually.

@shoeberto I really want to see more adoption. I like projects that allow me to contribute to the community at large by hosting, seeding, etc. I don’t code. I am technical and I have resources to host services. Mastodon speaks to me on a number of levels. I can’t wait to grow my instance.

This is my . I live in the USA in middle . I am a geek and I work in software sales for a big data company.

@LambLeeg I have started visiting other instances and checking their /explore and /public pages. That has been helpful. I host my own instance, so I am having to do some work to build out content as my instance becomes more federated.

@Gargron I have seen some comments, I think attributed to you, that suggest the federated timeline is not the best way to find new content. I am wondering what you would suggest as the best way. Finding the most relevant instance would be a good start, I guess, but many communites are small and many larger communities will not accept new registrations.

@LambLeeg Yeah, I like the federated timeline. I read somewhere that one of the founders/leaders stated it was a bad way to find content, but I don't understand what the preferred way would be. What is the best way to utilize Mastodon to find new content? Is it just ensuring you join the most applicable instance?

@Anarkat @Gargron Try that with Elon Musk! LOL. Not that @Gargron isn't super important also...

@LambLeeg For your poll, are you asking about desktop clients or mobile?

@LambLeeg I wish the official app for IOS included the federated timeline.

@rj Nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing and I like the way you pinned your intro. I will have to do the same.

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